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The Cagayan Provincial Hospital, a forerunner of the Cagayan Valley Medical Center had its Anesthesia Section under the Department of Surgery. It was single handedly manned by Dr. Rafael Sumabat who had a 6-montth anesthesia training at the then Jose R. Reyes Memorial Hospital in the 1960's. Most operations were done under Subarachnoid Block or Local Infiltration Anesthesia with Sedation. No General Anesthesia was administered.

In the late 70's, the hospital was upgraded into a Regional and Training Hospital. A Department of Anesthesia was established and Dr. Visitacion Darauay Pinson became its first Chairman. A training program was prescribed and Drs. Jaime Balubal and Marissa Verzosa were its first residents. Dr. Blandina Guzman who likewise had a 6 month anesthesia exposure at the Jose R. Reyes Memorial Hospital was the senior resident until she was promoted as a medical specialist.

There were 2-3 residents at a time but with a lone diplomate in the department, the training program could not be accredited. Graduate residents meanwhile were able to passed the DOH medical specialist examination enabling them to be accepted as specialist in government hospitals around the region.

Dr. Reymundo Blancaflor joined the department in 1985 after his fellowship at the Western Pacific Anesthesia Center in Manila.

At the beginning of the millennium, 3 prospective diplomates joined the department after another, Dr. Maria Asuncion Rivera Hipolito from National Kidney and Transplant Institution, Dr. Ma. Angelcita Torres-Capio from Philippine General hospital and Dr. Eligio Capio from the Manila Central University. They were conferred their diplomateship soon after joining the department. Dr. Ma. Angelcita Torres-Capio was appointed as the training officer then.

It was in 2006 that the department was given full accreditation by the Philippine Board of Anesthesiology under the chairmanship of Dr. Reymundo Blancaflor and Dr. Ma Angelcita Torres-Capio as the training officer. Since then, the department maintained its accreditation.

Currently, the department has eleven (11) active consultants, all certified diplomates by the Philippine Board of Anesthesiology and some with subspecialty fellowship training in regional anesthesia, neuro anesthesia and pain management. The department is presently chaired by Dr. Eligio Capio and Dr. Joan Barangan as the Training Officer.