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The Cagayan Valley Region in recent years enjoyed improvement of health facilities and services on its major cities and municipalities. Both private and DOH hospitals were upgraded and new private hospitals were established in Solano, Nueva Vizcaya, Cauayan, Ilagan and Santiago in Isabela and Tuguegarao City in Cagayan. While young, well-trained specialists and state of the art diagnostic modalities are now well available in these areas the health needs of the people in most part of the region are still underserved. 

There is a need for a holistic family-oriented and community-based approach of health care delivery in the Cagayan Valley Region, thus, the need for a Residency Training Program in Family Medicine. 

By virtue of Department of Health (DOH) Department Order 2013-02 Conduct of Residency Training in Family Medicine in all DOH hospitals including Specialty Hospitals and Department Order 2013-0171: Policy/Guidelines in Establishing/Expanding FMRTP in DOH hospitals, the Department of Family and Community Medicine (DFCM) was established in March in 2015 in the Cagayan Valley Medical Center. DFCM applied for accreditation in June 2015. It was visited by the Philippine Academy of Family Physicians in August 2015 and was recognized as a new training program. The program shall provide the venue for the three (3) year STRAIGHT Residency Training Program.

The department aims to streamline primary health care in the hospital setting and is therefore a frontline unit that provides compassionate and holistic care to clients across the lifespan – i.e. from womb to tomb. It aims to train physicians skilled in comprehensive first contact and continuing compassionate care for ill persons or those with an undiagnosed sign, symptom or health concern (the “undifferentiated” patient) not limited by problem origin (biologic, behavioral, or social), organ system or gender, in a variety of health care setting, in the context of the family and community.

The Department of Family of Community Medicine has its vision to be the premier training and educational Center in Family and Community Medicine in Cagayan Valley committed to enhance the implementation of Universal Health Care through capacity building of front-line physicians in various government and private health care facilities.

The Department’s Mission includes (1) providing relevant training experiences that is anchored to the core values of family and community medicine, (2) implement training program that is responsive to the health needs of Filipino patients, families and communities, (3) expand training experience that will promote continuous professional development to ensure quality health care and patient safety, (4) enable development of skills in implementing relevant research aligned with National Unified Research Agenda (NUHRA), (5) increase competencies to be role model, leaders and advocates of family medicine discipline and practice and, (6) implement training strategies for inter-professional education and collaboration.