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The Department of Medicine of Cagayan Valley Medical Center has an accredited residency training program by the Philippine College of Physicians. The General Objective of the Residency Training Program is to train residents in Internal Medicine for a competent and compassionate practice of General Internal Medicine or to proceed to fellowship training in any sub specialty training program. At the end of the three (3) years residency, they are qualified and are expected to pass the Philippine Specialty Board in Internal Medicine (PSBIM) examination. Majority of the consultant staff of the Department of Medicine must be Diplomates/ Fellows of the Philippine College of Physicians with a minimum ratio of 70:30 (70 % PCP Diplomates / Fellows versus 30% non PCP diplomates/ Fellows). Only members of the consultant staff of the Department of Medicine who are PCP Diplomates/ Fellows shall be involved in the evaluation, education and training of the residents in Internal Medicine. An exception is made in institutions where certain allied specialists limited to neurologists, dermatologists, psychiatrists or nuclear medicine specialists are members of the consultant staff of the Department of Medicine. The training core faculty shall include the department chair and training officer (who must be both diplomates and fellows); plus at least three (3) PCP fellows and/or diplomate; however, the institution must fulfill the requirement of faculty to resident ratio of 1:3 (one faculty for every 3 residents).