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The Cagayan Valley Medical Center Department of Pathology and Laboratories is a tertiary laboratory committed to its mission of providing quality but affordable laboratory tests to our patients. The department has an accredited Residency Training Program in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology since the year 2000. It also has an accredited Medical Technology Internship Training Program since the ‘80s.  The training programs have produced competent specialists and technologists who are now gainfully employed and respected in their careers. The laboratory continually upholds to its earned identity as a training ground for dedicated, compassionate and globally competitive professionals in the fields of Pathology and Medical Technology, and is doing its best to help researchers who come for assistance.

We offer a wide range of clinical laboratory tests in Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Clinical Microscopy and Parasitology, Bacteriology, Blood Banking, Serology and Drugs of Abuse Testing. We also offer Histopathology, Cytology and Medical Autopsy. We consistently pass the External Quality Assurance Program conducted by the Department of Health yearly.

We take pride being the sentinel site in Region 02 of the Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Program (ARSP)of the Department of Health - Research Institute of Tropical Medicine (DOH-RITM). This year (2014), we passed the PhilHealth Accreditation for Aerobic Bacteriology Laboratory, conducted by the PhilHealth and ARSP.

We also take pride being the lead Blood Facility in the region, spearheading Voluntary Blood Donation advocacy activities, Community Blood Letting Activities, Blood Networking among others.

The department is manned by four Pathology consultants, one Hematology consultant and two residents supported by competent Medical Technologists, Medical Technicians, Laboratory Aids, Nurses, Clerks and Utility Staff.