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The Department of Surgery of the Cagayan Valley Medical Center has the mission to provide affordable, competent, humane, and comprehensive care, to promote and encourage research in field of general surgery with the ultimate aim of improving patient care and to participate actively in the national effort to upgrade health care delivery in the country.

The services that the Department of Surgery offers includes: General Surgery, Colorectal Surgery, General Thoracic and Vascular Surgery, Neurological Surgery, Pediatrics Surgery and Urology.

The Department of Surgery has continuously evolved throughout the years. It has been a referral Center for cases requiring tertiary care from nearby towns and cities. It has gained the respect and trust of these communities because of the well trained and highly skilled consultants and the equally competent and efficient residents that the department has, as well as the improvement and additional facility and acquisitions.

As the Cagayan Valley Medical Center continues to expand and improve on its facilities and equipment with its highly trained personnel the department of surgery also tires to be up to date with its training and surgical procedures. The department now has laparoscopic machine used for both private and service patients.

The Department of Surgery is a God-centered, competent, compassionate and committed department, striving its best to excel in upholding its vision and mission for the betterment of our community and society as a whole.