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What are the policies in decking of patient?

 Decking of patients for assignment to a room shall be done on pay patients only.

In cases where all private rooms are full, patients are decked on a first come first serve basis as the case maybe.

Decking will be done in such a way pay patients already admitted in the hospital but without private rooms shall be decked together with patients with reservation in chronological order as they come or as reservations are made.

Decking of patients will be properly logged-in in a logbook provided for the purpose.


What are the policies in room reservation?

Reservations to occupy a private room shall be done only a day before admission.

Only the admitting physician or the patient’s nearest of kin can request for a room reservation.

Hospital employees are not allowed to make any room reservation for a patient if this hospital employee is not a close relative of the patient to be admitted.

Under no circumstances should reservation for a room by the attending physician, the patient or a friend/relative in the hospital be entertained if done more than a day before admission.

What are the schedules of visiting hours?

10:00a.m. - 12:00 Noon

5:00p.m. - 8:00p.m.


What are the policies of dietary upon admission; change of diet; discharge?

 The diet of the new admission, after the diet list has been submitted to the dietary services takes effect immediately upon receipt of noticed as reflected in the Dietary Service admission sheet.

The Dietary Service should be notified by the nurse on duty of the discharge, change of room and bed of patients before meal hours to facilitate effective food distribution.

Any notice of admission, discharge or change of diet received by phone should be duly noted down in the diet list.

Changes of diets received between:

6:00a.m. - 10:30a.m. will take effect at lunch

10:30a.m. - 3:00p.m. will take effect at supper

5:00p.m. - 7:00p.m. will take effect at breakfast

Note : Changes will take effect immediately if there’s food available for the specific order.



What is the schedule of doctor’s rounds?

Morning Rounds

Afternoon Rounds

Depending on the patient’s condition, the physicians and nurses will visit/monitor the patient’s progress from time to time.

 What is the process of discharging patient?

The attending physician shall determine when the patient may be allowed to go home.

The nurse on duty shall prepare all the documents to be signed


What is the process of payment our patient’s bill?

After receiving your bill, carefully check all charges credited to you. The nurse on duty and the billing will answer yours questions regarding charges. The Professional Fees, which may or may not be included in your bill is a matter between you and your attending physician.


What are the clearance procedures?

Upon payment, the cashier shall issue a clearance slip for you to present to the nurse’s station for signature.

The utility worker on duty shall be available to assists with your belongings as you leave the hospital premises.

Present your clearance slip to the guard on duty before leaving the hospital.

To avoid being charged for an extra day of stay, a patient with a discharge order should make payment and clear out before 12:00 noon on the day the discharge order is given.


What are the rules in safety and security?


A.      Visitors


Before the visitor will enter the wards/offices he/she will be inspected and searched including his/her baggage by the guard assigned at the lobby for firearms, ammunitions, knives, and other forms of deadly weapons. After the inspection (like residence certificate voter’s I.D. etc.) from the visitor in exchange for the CVMC visitors I.D. card (PASS).

After the inspection and search, the guard will ask for any identification (like residence certificate, voter’s I.D. etc. from the visitor in exchange for the CVMC visitors I.D. card (PASS).

The guard will get the duplicate of the I.D. card and attached it to the visitor’s identification card deposited.

The guard, after complying the rule nos. 1-3 shall instruct the visitor to pin the said visitor’s I.D. card (PASS) at the left breast of his/her shirt/blouse and may proceed inside the hospital. Only visitor with visitor’s I.D. Card is allowed to enter/entertained.

After the visit, he/she will surrender the visitor’s I.D. card to the guard on duty assigned at the lobby and get his/her own identification item that he/she deposited. In case of lost/damage, the visitor will pay an amount of Twenty Pesos (P20.00) to the Cashier to be used in replacement of the damaged/lost I.D. card.

A.      Watchers


Upon admission, the Admitting Clerk will instruct the relative to proceed to the main lobby and secure a Watcher’s I.D. card from the guard on duty before he/she will be released an admission chart to the relative.

The watcher will deposit any identification card in exchange for the CVMC watcher’s I.D. Card.

The guard will get the duplicate of the watcher’s I.D. card and attached to the Watcher’s I.D. deposited by the Watcher and instructs the Watcher to pin the said I.D. at the left breast of his/her shirt/blouse.

One watcher is only allowed to one patient except for critical cases.

Upon discharge, the watcher will surrender the watcher’s I.D. card that he/she deposited.

In case of damaged/lost watcher’s I.D. card, the watcher will pay an amount of Twenty Pesos (P50.00) at the Cashier to be used for the replacement of the lost/damage I.D. Card.


Anybody seen roaming inside the hospital premises without I.D. card will be sent out. No vendors are allowed inside the hospital.