Legal Basis : R.A. 8599
Licensure Category : Medical Center
Classification : Level III, Tertiary Teaching, Training & Research
Authorized Bed Capacity: 300 Beds (Main)
200 Beds (Psychiatry)
Implementing Bed Capacity: 250 Beds (Main)(50 for Pay Patients)
200 Beds (Psychiatry)



1945 : Started as Philippine Civilian Auxiliary Unit (PCAU)
June 20, 1945 : Formally established as Tuguegarao Civilian Hospital with 25-bed capacity. Later on converted as Cagayan Provincial Hospital with an authorized Bed capacity of 200.

July 1963 : Designated as Regional Training and Teaching Hospital by virtue of Department Order No.79, series 1963.
April 22, 1980 : Classified as Tertiary Regional Hospital by virtue of Ministry Order No. 83, series 1980.

May 1, 1985 : Integration of the Regional Health Laboratory and Regional Mental Hospital with the hospital per E.O. # 851, and became Integrated Cagayan Regional Hospital.

Sept. 15, 1989 : Changed from Cagayan Regional Hospital (CRH) to Cagayan Valley Regional Hospital (CVRH) per RA No. 6782.

March 20, 1998 : Converted from Cagayan Valley Regional Hospital (CVRH) to Cagayan Valley Medical Center (CVMC) with an authorized Bed Capacity of 500 by virtue of R.A. No. 8599.



Cagayan Valley Medical Center is a government tertiary, teaching, training and research hospital of Region II providing quality patient care.



Cagayan Valley Medical Center is a Center of Excellence of patient care, training & research.



  • Enhancing the way we deliver healthcare through innovation, research, human resource capability, and adapting institutional best practices;
  • Satisfying the requirements of an effective quality management system in partnership with our stakeholders, through sound and responsive managerial leadership in compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements;
  • Engaging with an information system that utilizes an efficient method of data storage and retrieval necessary for analysis, measurement of performance standard and timely decision making; and

  • Improving continually the effectiveness and efficiency of our quality management system for the satisfaction of our costumers



  • To provide basic and specialized, affordable and accessible healthcare to our costumer;
  • To ensure the competency of the hospital staff following established standards, continuous education and training;
  • To guarantee a workplace environment that is clean and safe, costumer friendly and responsive to the needs of our clients;
  • To ensure financial sustainability of the hospital through sound fiscal management; and
  • To establish a process of continuous improvement through quality management and information system